Why we started this project

Because the only way we are going to make it, is when we work together. The current state of our world, entrenched in social divides, a climate of fear, wars, terror attacks, environmental degradation and an uncertain future, weakens our resolve, by creating a state of helplessness, whereby we feel incapable to do anything, as…

Something needs to change

If we do not enact this change, the current state of our world will force us to change in a more drastic and ugly manner. As we come to the end of 2016, I write this message to all the people in our network, hoping that wherever you are, that you are safe, that your…

Why we need your support?

There is no clear-cut solution to restore confidence when we constantly live without promise of happiness and are surrounded by chaos. Life endured by man, infected by disloyal passions and his undying quest for power, causes direct or indirect contamination in how we handle each other. Witness our corrosive nature in staking a social hierarchy. We are whirlwinds carrying objects of shame, round and round, up in the sky in circles of inhuman behaviour. Who is our master?”
quote Misheck Masamvu