Why we started this project

Because the only way we are going to make it, is when we work together. The current state of our world, entrenched in social divides, a climate of fear, wars, terror attacks, environmental degradation and an uncertain future, weakens our resolve, by creating a state of helplessness, whereby we feel incapable to do anything, as a result of disinformation. I’ m a strong believer in Ubuntu, the essence of being human. It’s due to this, that I’m working on the biggest 10 year IFAA project, that uses culture to collectively find solutions to the urgent challenges we are facing.

“For me the role of art, a vital part of culture, is breaking down barriers in order to bring about understanding and appreciation of what is happening around us and in another culture. It is a universal language to overcome differences” Sithabile Mlotshwa

I want to re-ignite Ubuntu, the “essence of being human” and the power of the human voice, by creating platforms across the globe that can facilitate the ability to question the currents state of our world and the systems we have created, in order to take action, in ways we can reform them. For IFAA, this change begins in the mind.

For more information on how to get involved please send mail to: welcome@thamgidifoundation.org

Please see below videos and links to issues we are passionate about. Thank you!

IFAA Dialogues

The fictional idea of being connected – by Marcos Lora Read

Visual exchange and the impact it has on human interactions – by Angela de Jesus

The same generation and the same influences, different places and different histories, a dialogue between two artists; Ivan & Toufik on communication

Matthias De Groof – On Communication of Knowledge

Keiko Sato – How does information break the communication between people?

Junfeng Ding – The role of language in communication

Analysis of the physical, spiritual and moral image of a place – by Kiripi Katembo Siku

The basic human need & common ground – by Jan Ru Wan IFAA 2012

A need to connect…Sithabile speaks about the core of IFAA – as a breading ground of ideas, learning & knowledge sharing

A Feeling of the World – Thank you IFAA by J. Dalemans

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