Why we need your support?

Our big idea is: to solve the world’s urgent challenges – by transforming the global society through culture, one community at a time.

isaac-cordal-nantesfrance-8-2013©Isaac Cordal

What is the problem?

The perverted course of human destiny and a compromised future of this planet, which includes: Climate Change, Desertification, Human Suffering and Economic Inequality, caused by Greed, Social divides and Global Human Injustices that result in Global terror attacks, Migration, Displacement and Fear of Otherness including Crimes against our Natural World that have Plundered and Depleted our Natural Resources, resulting in the Suffering of Innocent People across the globe and the Silent Crisis – causing Permanent Climate Refugees.

Mario M© Mario Macilau

IFAA’s proposed solution to the problem?

To use the unremitting power of art, to address the cause of human suffering and environmental degradation and through different forms of artistic expression and debates, find collective solutions, that create ecologically conscious societies, able to take action to prevent devastating consequences, as change, begins in the mind. To create sustainable solutions through creativity by working on local challenges with local people.

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Why should people care?

The current state of our society, entrenched in global terror attacks, weakens our resolve, by creating a state of helplessness, whereby we feel incapable to do anything, as a result of disinformation. Through the unremitting power of art, IFAA wants to reignite the power of the human voice, by creating platforms across the globe that can facilitate the ability to question the currents state of things, the systems we have created in order to take action in ways we can reform them. For IFAA, this change begins in the mind, in taking control of the cognitive map – what we think, including addressing and bringing to light, what has been left un debated, unsaid, for so long, so as to change the course of humanity, with clear, critical, conscious and sound minds.

12705293_10153305932272536_5407834276008292844_n© Isaac Essoua Essoua

A call to action:

What kind of world do we want to live for future generations? We can no longer deny that we are facing just one crisis, which is both environmental and social and that the human environment and the natural environment deteriorate together, affecting the most vulnerable people across the planet. With this, we cannot adequately combat environmental degradation unless we attend to the root of the problem. It is with reason that IFAA is calling humanity to action, as one voice, in fighting both environmental and social injustices, in order to restore human dignity and protect our natural world. We are looking for change makers, people who care about the current state of things, people who believe in the power of the human voice and people who believe that we are capable to Take Action in Changing the Current State of our World and Our Common Home. For IFAA, the only way to combat social and environmental degradation is through an integrated approach. So join us in creating through interdisciplinary collaborations, ecologically conscious societies that are able to create Sustainable Solutions, improve quality of life, reduce poverty, restore human dignity, safeguard and protect our natural world and the future of the next generations.

Survivre_kiripi (1)© Kiripi Katembo Siku